Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stress reaction

very bad start of the week
monday n tuesday have been a complete waste-fest
n rudely woken up from procastination by a very worried call from totally stressed friend with news which equals a nuclear bomb that doesnt kill you but poisons you slowly till the end of your days...yep submission has been pushed up by a day! woo-hoo!
which means...I get to procastinate some more about why I wasted Monday AND tuesday!

So I'm getting to work immediately..
Work List:
1. Play Nayan tarse from DevD on repeat
2. Log onto orkut n fb simultaneosly...checking for messages/scraps just this one last time
3. My gunda name is Kaaliya..[I just love those quizzes on FB..Im addicted]
4. open my dissertation draft which needs editing n minimize it- so that I know the real reason why i swithched on my comp :D
5. forward heartfelt messages to old friends...its at times like these that I miss good old SIES
6. Oh SIES just reminded me of my old crushes...well I once famously said "Any girl who doesnt like Venky has something wrong with their hormones!". Apparently one of the most hilarious lines to be ever spoken in the hallowed corridors of 2nd floor...
7. Im wondering, will updating my daily routine on blog spur me into actually doing work??

Even though this page is ignored by the millions of people on the WWW, I still love the fact that I'm publised somewhere!
Love and Cheers, XOXO SV!
PS: I think I might have mentioned my humor starts working when I'm stressed...


schizophrenic said...

hahhaahahhahha!! i remember the day u made statement abt venky!!! lol

hey kaliya,kitne aadmi the?

Srividya said...

I know.. right! God I was sooo embarassed when people identified me by the comment I made for one whole week "Hey, its the hormones gal!"