Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey I just crossed 1000 page views!!

The title said it all but I repeat...I just crossed a 1000 page views!!!! Most of them must be me only... yeah I am self-obsessed... no, self-blog-obsessed! Anyway... milestones are milestones and must be celebrated! Plus the fact that I've recently gained the talent of endlessly writing about my own self... so this was inevitable!! But the significant thing is... I've been blogging for over a year now. When I first started out, in 2009 there were just 2 posts and I didn't work on it at all. 2010 started off well with a newly inspired me but there were dry phases in that too. However, I got my shit together and started with the 30 DAYS OF TRUTH which I must say is hard, but satisfying blog work! My blog is pretty much working this time of the year... just like it was last year! So that's 2 years in a row! I'm happy for myself! For someone who find herself low on motivation juice quite often this is good news!! Way to go Sv!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A perfect Moment

Went for my violin class today morning.
A student my Madam was expecting arrived when class was half-way through. My Madam had described her as a girl, actually 'ponnu' which means a young girl... so I was surprised to see she was actually a married lady with a pretty grown up kid (gauged from listening to their conversation...don't narrow your eyes they weren't discussing anything personal!). And she took the grandchild of my Miss and played with him. But he was really hungry... just moments before the 'ponnu' had entered he was crying badly and his mom had just taken him to feed him. So you know how it is... all the people of the house feel bad if a small child is crying in the arms of a visitor! So my Miss just took him and started bouncing him and singing a child's ditty... roughly translated it goes "Don't climb on the coconut tree... don't pluck the coconut... *2 more verses which I'm not able to remember*... shall I put you in the river or the well?!!" It's totally meaningless... but it always makes the kids laugh! I know because my mom does that to the neighborhood kids all the time and they love it ;). And love it the kid did! He had this big gleeful tooth-less smile and the way he was crying 2 seconds ago as if his intestines are being squeezed was forgotten!