Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nighttime Observations

I'm going to go on record saying the only kind of oil(or any other kind of fuel used for lighting purposes) I burn is 'midnight'. And I love it. Especially because of the add-on destressers like free-to-browse-whenever-I'm-bored-internet, solitaire, a couple of name it.. Daytime is sooo not me..
So being awake till 3 every night for the past 2 weeks led to some stupid observations(which I'm typing out because I'm bored. Whatever)
there really is no other explanation for why they spare me the sensation of their proboscis drilling into my flesh...until exactly 2:00 am. At 2:00 am sharp they start chewing on my legs as if they have just been released from some sensory deprivation hell and all their sensors are pointed towards my feet. Attack,drill,feed. Attack,drill,feed.
The scene is: you are exhausted from staring at the screen and decide to go to bed only because you cant seem to get any work done. and you are pissed that your work is not getting done "aaj bhi nahi hua". And you berate yourself about wasting daylight hours, lying wide awake in bed. And after 20 minutes when you finally sleep without knowing you fell asleep....the dogs start barking. Dogs right outside my building converse with the dogs in rahul nagar- long distance, minus the phones. They may well be the political negotiators of the dog world discussing their territories and no-dogs-land because the depth and variety of their howls, yowls, whines and barks seems to convey just that. Cranky SV wakes up with a start and rolls over thinking how do you abuse a dog? Well, make him you brother-in-law. *sllepily whispered threat*" Saale Kutte.."


schizophrenic said...

hahahhahaha.....its realllly enlightining!!!

Srividya said...

now u know where my mind really is when I'm supposedly doing work!