Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Neighborhood Kid

Kids observe so keenly!!! Adi is in junior k.g and just for fun I asked him to write his name in cursive. He didn't know how to write 'h' and 'y' so I showed him (the top one). He noticed the minute, unintentional curve my 'y' and tried to reproduce it in his own 'y'. Bending his little fingers to shape out that 'y' and even his tongue was imitating the movement of his hand!! Tooooooooooooooo cute, endearing and adorable!!!!!!

That's 2 little boy incidents... so I'm creating a little boys label! Long live all little boys... for making someone smile every single day with your cute antics!


Schizophrenic said...

Shoo shweet , i envy you that you have company of such shwet kids!!

PS oLDER GUYS ARE CUTE TOO, although in a different sense ;)

Srividya said...

Hehe...they are a terror in their own sweet way!! Ditto for older guys ;)

riddhi said...

wish we had some of that thirst to learn and learn well!

btw nice readin all chintu chintu posts of yours...nice observations they are!!(also applauding the trouble taken to scan stuff and put it up!! :P)

Srividya said...

Thanks buddy will try 2 keep them chintu!