Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Irritated as hell!!

So you may think what the hell am I doing here at 2:00 in the morning. And this when I don't even have the excuse of a project submission or exam tomorrow! The thing is after lying in bed for 3 fricking hours and not falling I've abandoned all hopes of waking up 'early' tomorrow. And since I'm going to hell as it is... might as well do it properly!

What scientific study was it that said your mood when you go to sleep governs how you feel the next day... I already know I'm going to be a grouch tomorrow (or later today!). Actually for knowing this you don't need a couple of scientists armed with silly questionnaires! Har baccha jo apni ma ke pleadings aur dad ke gaaliyan sunkar jaaga hai woh yeh jaanta hai!!

Okay... I'll just follow the example of fellow blogger Schizophrenic and list out some of the things that caught my attention:

1. 1000 awesome things which I've been mentioning to almost everyone I saw this week. Only one word for the site- its AWESOME!

2. Fell in love with the song "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones... upbeat, catchy and perfect for listening to while on a walk!

3. The Majak Blog! Have a nice laugh!


Arti said...

Nice post...
I loved the 1000 Awesome things... And as you said its truly awesome!

Schizophrenic said...

loved the links!!


but i hope the irritation has gone now!!


Srividya said...

Thank you Arti and Sneha! Yeah the irritation is likhte waqt it was disappearing slowly.. ;)