Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tying up the loose ends

I just realized that I have more drafts than published posts! Not a good thing for anyone who writes! If you pour yourself some Pepsi and keep it lying around its gonna lose its fizz!

Project Get-my-act-together is so on! Speaking of projects, Gotan Project makes some wonderful music.

Also a BIG THANK YOU is long overdue... a big thank you Sneha, Richie, Shrijit and DJ for 'following' my blog... which I take it means you like what I write enough to publicly acknowledge it!!!!! THANK YOU! I'm so glad for your support!

Thanks to Riddhi, Jeeva and Amruta who always ask me about the haal-chaal of this place! Feels awesome to know you care! Thanks to Alison and Mrun for having a look!

Thanks to Siddharth... for giving me a couple of days in the limelight of 'Facebook Status Appreciation'. It was a GOD-AWESOME feeling!

Thanks to Thomas and Arvind for the comments and checking out my blog every once in a while!

Thanks to every single person who lands up in this place... even if it's just by clicking on the "Next Blog" link on their own blog- hey its fun to do that and I've come across some pretty nice sites by doing that myself!

Thanks Sneha for giving awarding me a Versatile Blogger Award!! *Hugs*