Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Boys

Who can be more adorable than little girls? Little BOYS!

Was just standing in the mile-long bus line, trying to get the bus to come soon using the Secret (it comes and goes!) and looking at the bat in tree right above the bus-stop pass droppings or something and right behind me there were these 2 little boys joshing one little girl about being dressed in 'gulabi' from head to toe. I guess one of them was the brother and the other was a friend of the brother and the little girl was the sister. They teased her endlessly about wearing a 'gulabi' raincoat and the kid got so annoyed that she removed it and tossed it over to her Aai. Only to reveal a completely pink uniform, 2 small fountain-ponies with pink rubber-band and pink bag! The boys went crayy-zzzzzy teasing her! Trust little boys to make a little girl hate her favourite colour- Pink! Couldn't help but smile at their antics! Of course I had to turn my face away and smile coz nothing stops a little boy from doing masti then to see an adult (in their 9-year old eyes, I probably, no definitely am) enjoying their inside joke!

Also let them cut the line and go ahead and haul their little sister up the steps of the bus! By luck got the seat right behind them. So I had a little bit more fun just observing them...they lost interest in their 'gulabi' sister and started looking out of the window. Have to hand it to the Maharashtrians... kids know the language well enough to use the Marathi word for pink rather than use the word 'Pink' which I do. Infact I don't know what the Tamil word for Pink is... even my aunt describes it as 'Rose-colour'...