Friday, April 12, 2013

Sing to me

If there's anything I love more than black and white movies, its their music score. Ok, music scores of not just black and white movies, but several movies from 40's to 80's-90's. There's just something sooo lilting about the old school music scores, before the advent of the synthesizer. When trumpets and triangles and accordions and violins and pianos were used! *moment of silence*

Anyhow, the best tonic for the perturbed mind are some of the songs from the black and white era bygone... following are some of favorite songs which sing to the Tamil in me... most of them star Sivaji Ganesan (because I am a rabid fan ;) 

1. Chittu Kuruvi Mutham Koduthu from Puthiya Paravai

I'm partial to songs from this movie (love Paartha Nyabagam illayo) but the aalap after the first line is the best part of this song for me.. which 'paartha nyabagam..' doesn't have.

2.  Malargalai Pol Thangai from Pasamalar

This song would have possibly been serious competition to  'Phoolon ka Taaron ka' down south had they been released in the same period. Pasamalar was released in 1961 and Hare Rama Hare Krishna came a good 10 years later in 1971. Though the emotions and the settings of both the songs are quite different- in Pasamalar, Sivaji Ganesan plays a responsible and dutiful brother who has to get his sister married (his dreams for her are the setting for the song) whereas in HRHK, 'Phoolon ka Taaron ka' is tinged with pain and yearning as the siblings have been separated in childhood.

Both songs are evocative of brother-sister relationships.

3. Muthukulikka Vaarigala from Anubavi Raaja Anubavi

Anubavi Raaja Anubavi is still one of the best comedy movies around and this song just makes it that much more lovable! The camaraderie shared by Naagesh and Manorama is adorable and the lyrics fit the fisherman's village romance setting to the T. What's not to love?

4. Aaha Inba Nilavinile from Maya Bazaar

A sweet song and even sweeter is the style of romancing a-la- mythological times. Full moon. Check. Un-polluted Lake. Check. Singing while oaring a boat containing Savithri effortlessly without breaking into a sweat. Check. Ah, young love!

The best part is the comedy of errors that takes place in this song. The two young lovers (Abhimanyu and Vatsala) have a midnight rendezvous in the lake and the guards inform Vatsala's father about her indiscretion. While her parents are rushing to the scene of the crime (:O), Krishna the all-knowing realizes that Vatsala's parents are going to come and spoil their romantic night-out and comes to warn them and send them away. Then he and Rukmini take the place of Abhimanyu and Vatsala in the boat and resume the song. Balarama (Vatsala's father) and wife reach the scene and are relieved to see that its not Abhimanyu-Vatsala but Krishna-Rukmini. Then Krishna invites them to enjoy the evening and leaves. Balarama then takes his wife on the boat.. because it would such a wasted opportunity to come till the edge of the lake and then turn around without having a tour on the boat!

5. Enna Enna Vaarthaigalo from Vennira Aadai

Steeped in womanly charm (afterall its Jayalalitha and P. Susheela) and the background music has the Raj-era undertones. Classic.

6. Vantha Naal Muthal from Paava Manippu

Apparently this movie was ahead of its times and created a stir in the conservative society of those days. But this song is evergreen in terms of music as well as lyrics and will never go out of style or become irrelevant (sad but true). But brownie points for putting Sivaji Ganesan on a bicycle :)

7. Annakiliye Unnai Theduthe from Annakili

A song of love, longing and hope starring the beautiful Sujaata. Mesmerizing music and warm lyrics feature in this sombre movie (I haven't seen it, though). The beat and the tune makes this song memorable and you can't help but feel good when you hum it.

Which songs sing to the Tamil in you? Or any song in your native language which sings to you? Share them with us here!

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