Monday, March 8, 2010

Women's Day indeed

It was nice recieving messages extolling the wondrous qualities of woman and how she's a mother,daughter, sister, guide,mentor blah blah blah....I was taken in by the happy atmosphere until I reached home and glanced at the newspaper and saw the latest on yahoo news..
Few things that caught my eye on 8th March 2010, 'Women's Day':
1. A 9 year old was raped and murdered. The body was left on top of the terrace of a police inspector's house. Suspected motive of the criminal is to spoil the credentials of the police community as a whole and the police inspector's as a person. (So a young girl, no a kid who just happened to be female as well, who was'nt connected to both these men even in any which way and who should have been playing with her toys at home was abused in the most brutal way imaginable and murdered and left as a gruesome show-piece on someone's terrace. She unfortunately became just a 'prop' in this ego-revenge drama.)
2. So called swamiji Anup Sahai kidnapped a young woman whom he had wanted to marry since he first set eyes on her. We will just ignore the fact that he has a wife and children. So when the woman, who is doing her PhD refused his proposal, he threatened to kidnap her and forcibly marry her. On 8th March, Women's Day, her family has reported her missing. And they have been recieveing phone calls from Sahai saying the woman is with him and he will marry her shortly.
3. Men on various networking sites wishing they could have a Men's Day on which they can watch TV, sit on the couch all day, watch porn and not bathe.
Well men, a day dedicated to women only makes you wish you had a Men's Day, does it? If that was meant to be light-hearted, I'm sorry to say there is no humor in that statement. And if you belong to the 'Everyday is a women's day' tribe, crimes on women happen almost 365 days of the year. Does anyone really believe their own voice when they say 'Everyday is a women's day?' Sure Women's Day is commercialized and largely considered to be a day of celebration. But I think every woman will be truly proud of the men in her life(father, boyfriend, husband, friend, brother) if they take this day to think, really think how they can make the world a little safer for women. A Women's Day, I suppose, is meant to inspire such thoughts and not thoughts about a day sans nagging.
Go ahead and make a change today or on any day...however small and however insignificant it may seem, be proud that whatever you've done will help a woman somehow, somewhere.
. :-----If you wish to make a difference, this would be a good place to start.

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