Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Hopefully I'll stick to my resolution of not leaving things halfway(bad bad me) but that just means I may convert my blog into a journal of sorts-which doesnt matter right? Feeling optimistic about 2010, something I havent felt in a long time atleast in relation to new years! Maybe it was because I was always looking back instead of looking ahead. But I've made one positive decision(really truly beautiful breathtakingly postive!)that will carry me through this year, one that charges me to smile when I wake up every morning..usually I grumble about having to do the bed! I just make sure I'm the second-last person to wake up! Yes, there are a lot of people in my house. People who dont like to do their own beds.
I was kidding. What I have decided is to just let go of all the bad feelings, forget every bad painful incident that made me promise to myself "I'll never forget this and I'll make sure you pay for this.", forget every incident that made me scream "This is sooo bloody UNFAIR!!! aargh!". Coz holding a grudge against a person is like having him/her piggybacking on you. So I just dumped them into the smelliest gutter I could find.
Another resolution is to try and be a little less scary. My tuition kid swore I scared her when I was actually congratulating her for doing her sums properly! God it was unbelievable! Must work on the unintentionally scary thing...though I have no clue where to start!
So friends, with a heart swelling with hope, I wish that you have a wonderful year ahead full of joy, health, wealth, surprises, chocolates, warm sunshine, cool raindrops, what you will.. Some of you are always in my heart though I never get around to actually saying it - But I really truly love you guys and wish you all the peace and joy in the world- Vishali, Bharo, Karthik, Meeru, Deep$, Chanda, Anisha, Neetu, Rachana, Namu, two Divyas, Archy, Lakshmi, Madhu, Suppdu(miss u gal), Ruth, Jo-Anne, Sa$ha, Adri, Shubha, $hrutzz, Ghanu, Rohit, Nandy, Divdi(miss you very much now that you have a fat paycheck too! :P), Suchi, Riddhi, Sneha, Jeeva, Kunal, Khozi, Shu, Richie, Alison, Amu, Shru sweetshru, Truppu, Divya, Kamu, Rashmi, Sneha, Sheelu, Mrun, Bhagyu......
When I was in school, we were supposed to speak extempore on any subject during our English class...I remember talking about something- something wonderful, beautiful, on hope and dreams and a glad heart, until I saw a kid making a one could understand what I was talking about. I was trying to explain what I'm feeling right now.


schizophrenic said...

I hope u are able to keep the resolutions thru out the year!!amazing read!! n sv u write veryyyy welll, it just makes me wana read more and more!!

Srividya said...

Well I've broken it a couple of times now...But thanks for the wishes and the comments yaar! I'll try to keep the creative juices flowing..only its kinda bitter for now (deadline time u see)